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Rubber and Polyurethane Track Pads

For finishers and milling machines

Rubber and Polyurethane Track Pads

Our rubber mixtures give the pods great resistance to twisting, tearing, abrasion and hydrocarbon action.

What stands out among our specialities, thanks to both the immediate service and the high quality we offer, is our production of track shoes for all finisher brands and models for which we have developed an extraordinary rubber formula that gives our pads the highest durability in terms of wearing resistance and elasticity, and a perfect union with the metal.

The rubber shoes give the finishers high driving stability and excellent traction power.

The polyurethane pads are specially suitable for milling machines due to their bigger resistance to compression and abrasion.

Available Assemblied on Chains

Made from rubber for finishers. Made from INAPRENE polyurethane for milling machines.

Track Pads

They are manufactured as very resistant compact one-piece units, suitable for heavy loads and twisting pressure.

Bolts and Nuts

Bolts and nuts for finishers and milling machines.

Polyurethane pads specially suitable for milling machines